Our Churches

Come and celebrate the Sabbath Day with the Hungry Hearts Churches.  We celebrate every Saturday Sabbath with joyous, spirit-filled praise and worship, a 75 minute presentation of the Bible and warm, uplifting fellowship.  We keep the Saturday Sabbath, Torah Observance, the Jewish Holy Days and follow the Dietary Laws. 

As a member of The Bible Sabbath Association, we have been actively working together to spread the Word of God for more than 14 years. In line with our ministries, we publish and sell books on living by His Laws. We also put out our own FREE quarterly magazine, Pursuit.

The worship service at our Headquarters in Jacksin, TN are on Saturday at 1:30 PM (CST). We also offer a LIVE stream this service every Saturday on RevMedia at 3:00pm CST/4:00pm EST. In addition to our regular Saturday service we also host a Feast of Tabernacles celebration and extensive Passover celebration in Jackson, TN.

The Hungry Hearts Ministry headquarters are in Jackson, TN and were founded in November 2003. We have churches across the southeastern United States and we support two Overseas Missions.


Jackson, TN

Mississippi Congregation

Corinth, MS

Tupelo, MS

Tennessee Congregations

Cleveland, TN

Cookeville, TN

Murfreesboro, TN

Overseas Missions