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Hungry Hearts Ministries conducts Spirit filled Sabbath Services in three cities, holds a Feast of Tabernacles celebration during Sukkot, publishes a Sabbath magazine, publishes books on Bible topics from a sabbath keeping world view, posts Sermons online and supports Spirit filled Sabbath churches in India and Kenya.

Hungry Hearts Ministries conducts Spirit filled Sabbath Services in Jackson TN, Corinth MS and in Cookeville TN.  The Jackson TN and Corinth MS services are every Sabbath and the Cookeville TN service is monthly on the fourth Sabbath of every month.  We use both Hebrew Prayers and Worship tools to call our meeting to attention, focus our minds on Father and Son (Elohim), consecrate us for service as individuals and together as a congregation.  We use anointed praise and worship music which conforms to our beliefs.  We teach on various Bible topics from a truly Sabbath keeping perspective.  Enjoy fellowship with likeminded believers.  Feel the Spirit of God in the worship.  Sit under the anointing as it opens your mind to the Holy Bible.  Join us for services this Shabbat.

Hungry Hearts Ministries holds a Feast of Tabernacles celebration during Sukkot.  Every year on the traditional Hebrew Calendar, we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) with great joy, exuberant praise and deeply moving worship.  We make offerings of various kinds over the week.  We offer to Elohim everything for which we are grateful in our lives in addition to a monetary offering on the Holy Days.  We also use the water pouring ceremony to ask Elohim’s blessing on our lives for the upcoming year.  The Hungry Hearts Ministries Feast of Tabernacles is, and always has been, a truly life transformative experience in Yeshua (Jesus).

Hungry Hearts Ministries publishes a Sabbath magazine: Pursuit.  Hungry Hearts Ministries publishes Pursuit magazine on a quarterly basis.  In Pursuit we explore many Bible topics from a completely Sabbath perspective.  We mail Pursuit for free to any who ask in the USA.  We also distribute copies to waiting rooms in several cities.  Pursuit is available to Sabbath Churches anywhere in the USA for distribution.

Hungry Hearts Ministries publishes books on Bible topics from a sabbath keeping world view.  Hungry Hearts Ministries has published books on topics including: the Sabbath, God’s Law, Worship, God’s Love, Prophecy and the coming Rescue of the Remnant.  Our books go into these topics on a much deeper level than available during Sabbath services or during Holy Day celebrations.  These books are available for a small donation.  Some of them are available through fine booksellers nationwide.  If you order them from us, the suggested donation includes both sales tax and shipping.  Please visit our bookstore for more information.

Hungry Hearts Ministries posts the weekly Jackson Sermon online on Revmediatv, You Tube and Rumble.  We also produce our own DVD albums for a small donation.  We strongly recommend that every Sabbath keeper obtain and preserve hard copies of everything; you will never regret it.  Please subscribe to our channels whichsoever one is convenient.

Hungry Hearts Ministries supports Spirit filled Sabbath churches in India and Kenya.  Hungry Hearts Ministries supports Church of God Ministries in Kakinada India with Pastor G. Ananda Babu in India and Hungry Hearts Ministries in Isiolo Kenya with Pastor Josphat Kaberia.  These Ministries are Sabbath and Holy Day observant.  They are Spirit filled and doing a great job of reaching others with the same message which we teach in the USA.  These are men of integrity, worthy of our support.  Contribute to missions with confidence, knowing your contribution is going to brethren like us overseas.  You can donate to mission at the donate page using pay pal.

If you are interested in Torah observant, Spirit filled walk with Yeshua Messiah, join us for the most interesting and fulfilling adventure of a lifetime.  Join us for a Sabbath or Holy Day observance.  Obtain a book on a deep Bible topic, or subscribe to Pursuit magazine.  Follow us on Revmediatv, You Tube or Rumble for interesting and informative sermons.  Thank you for exploring our website.  We sincerely pray that you find something to consider, something that you find interesting and something to draw you closer to Yeshua Messiah.

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