If you are looking to invest into the Kingdom of God, our Christian ministry in Jackson, Tennessee, has a wonderful opportunity for you! At Hungry Hearts Ministries, 100% of your contribution goes towards helping with our outreach projects. With your donation, you can help share the hope of Jesus Christ with the entire world.

Five-Step Program

We have a five-step program to reach people locally, nationally, and internationally. First, we have a free quarterly magazine called Pursuit, which we send out all across the US. We distribute copies in various cities. In addition, we also have other publications, including 22 books, that make disciples out of believers and help them grow during their walks with the Lord. Thirdly, we have local services in six different cities, and we are looking to expand in the near future. Fourth, we conduct annual Passover and Feast of Tabernacles events to help people celebrate the Kingdom of God on earth. Lastly, we have productive mission work in Kenya and India. Your contribution will assist us in setting up new churches, assisting with our mission work, and continuing to reach people here in the United States.

Maximize Your Giving

Donating to us will give you tremendous reward in God’s Kingdom. If you are looking to maximize your giving, then Hungry Hearts Ministries is the ministry group you want to invest in. In addition to a one-time donation, you can choose to make a regular contribution through our PayPal™ account. This would allow you to contribute continuously to the work of God. Get in touch with us for more information on how to send your donations.

Additional Information

Please be informed that since Hungry Hearts Ministries is not a nonprofit organization, we are not tax-exempt, and your contribution is not tax-deductible. We have no paid staff, but we are set up this way so that we can preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ.