Hungry Hearts Ministries is comprised of people who are hungry for more of God.  We are sick and tired of man-made church.  We want to feel His Spirit stir within us.  We are focused on the real God to help us with our real needs in our real lives.  We are hungry for His Presence, we are thirsty for His Spirit, and we are willing to offer Him our lives.

We teach and practice Torah Observance.  That means we live by the rules that God gave for human living on planet earth.  That does not mean we believe that we can earn our salvation with God.  It means that we appreciate our Savior and His sacrifice, and are willing to live our life the way that Yeshua taught us to live.  The Torah contains all of the relevant rules for living life as a human being on this earth.  It is the way of life taught in the Holy Bible from the beginning to the end.  It is also the way of life that Yeshua lived.  What would Jesus do?  What did Jesus do!  He lived by the Torah!

We teach and practice a Spirit of God-filled Life.  The Spirit of God is Jesus living in a believer.  It is the power of God to overcome sin in our lives.  It is the power of God to open the Holy Scriptures to the mind of the believer.  And it is our open line of contact with the Living God.  It is how we feel His Presence.  It is how we experience God.

We teach the Plan of Salvation for all mankind that God laid out in the pattern of the Holy Days in Leviticus chapter 23.  This is a far more extensive plan than is commonly taught.  God has not “lost” the bulk of humanity to the devil.  He has a plan to resurrect the dead, and to reveal Himself to them.  Because the Plan of Salvation is laid out in the Holy Days, we really celebrate these days.  God’s Holy Days reveal many of the mysteries of prophecy and show the true greatness and supreme majesty in our Creator. 

We teach on serious Prophetic Insight regarding the identity in Prophecy of the United States and Britain.  How could these two pivotal nations be missing in prophecy?  Their identity is the missing link in knowing how the various “End time” scenarios will work out. 

We hope that you have a calling to help with what we do.  We are all called of God to teach and live this way, and sincerely pray that you are as well.  

God Bless you!