Ancient Roman Celebrations and Their Adaptation by Early Christianity - $ 12

Today many Christians around the world consider December and early January to be a festive season. This includes the specific celebrations of December 25 and January 1. Did you know that the earliest Christians did not observe these days? In the first several centuries after Christ’s coming, events occurred that changed Christianity. In this book, you will learn the history behind these celebrations and how they were adopted from Roman culture.

Blood Moons and the End of the Age - $ 12

In recent years, there has been much talk about the appearance of lood Moonsin the sky. In this book, you will learn how the appearance of Total Lunar Eclipses (called lood Moons is tied to American History, persecutions of Jewish people and Christians, and the Crusades. You will discover how the recent Tetrad of Blood Moons reveals a special message to America and the Body of Christ. God is showing us through the Heavens that the end of the age is near. Let us heed and draw near to Him!

Careful Stewardship of God's Rich Blessing - $ 9.00

Solomon said that money is the answer for everything. In fact, money is the value of our time and skill transformed into a useable and easily transferable form. We can easily trade our work and skill for that of others with the use of money. Money is also a convenient way to save up our hard work for use at a later time. The problem is not with money, but with how we use it. We need to learn how to use our money in ways that build true wealth and that convince our Savior that we are ready for His Kingdom.

Christian Holiness - $ 9.00

The Book of Leviticus contains a series of chapters known as the oliness Code They are chapters that guide our daily living towards God standard of holiness. The calling of a Christian is to live a holy life. As Paul wrote, or God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness(I Thess. 4:7). We are called to be a Holy Kingdom of Priests (1 Peter 2:5-9). The deep revelations of God Word are found in these detailed chapters of the Bible. I invite you to read this book and learn to live a holy life and the deep spiritual revelations that come from His holy ways.

Clean and Unclean: A Guide to Living the Holy Life - $ 12

One of the first commandments given in the Bible was not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This commandment was a dietary commandment. Many people do not realize that God does care what we eat. This book explains how the dietary commandments in Leviticus 11 on clean and unclean animals are a vital part of every Christian's walk. This book goes through the New Testament and explains how Jesus, Peter, and even Paul continued to teach this to the early church! You will learn the spiritual reasons behind the dietary laws and how obedience to them will lead you into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Come Away With Me - $ 14

The Rescue of the Saints from the oppression of the devil is very real. God has delivered the obedient people of God in every terrible circumstance. He is still holding out His hands to anyone who will come to Him right now. Learn how to be accounted worthy to make the Rescue of the Saints. We stand right at the door of the Great Tribulation, If you hear His voice, turn to the Lord while there is still time.

Do You Know God? - $ 9.00

God created you for a very special, intimate, personal relationship. He made you just the way you are, because He loves you. He is calling you today to return to Him, to enjoy that close relationship that comes from knowing Him. Come learn how to get acquainted with the Living God. Come and learn how to aiton the Presence of God Almighty. Learn how to walk in true holiness that will draw the manifest Presence of Jesus Christ. Come and take a journey to know your God in a most intimate and personal way.

Freedom Under the Law of God - $ 12

Many people consider the Law of Moses to be an unbearable burden. Is that supposition correct? In the USA we consider our Freedoms to be guaranteed under our Constitution. God Almighty gave His Law to the Children of Israel to guarantee their freedom. The aw of Mosesis the Constitution of the ancient nation of Israel. Those laws given to a nomadic, stone-age, illiterate people still guarantee our freedoms to this very day. Read the Law of God, or the Torah, with fresh eyes from the perspective of freedom.

God Feasts in the Kingdom - $ 12

Many people are not aware that the Feasts of Leviticus 23 will take on a new meaning in the Kingdom of God! In Jeremiah 23:1-8, we are told that the Israelite return out of Egypt will never be remembered in the Kingdom. It won be remembered because of a future return from captivity that will happen to our people and the Jewish people. It will be so great that it will change the way we celebrate God Festivals! There will also be new festivals we will celebrate based on the prophetic fulfillment of events that will take place in the near future! Learn this exciting story and how the feasts will be celebrated in the Millennium.

Gods Plan of Salvation in the Holy Days - $ 14

The Feast Days of Leviticus 23 reveal to us God plan of salvation. These Feasts have been honored for centuries by the Jewish people. They are times of tremendous revelation and celebration! They have prophetic meanings in Jesus Christ, many of which have yet to be fulfilled. Discover the significance of Christ as our Passover Lamb, which Feast represents the Lord return to rule and reign, and God plan to save the lost. You will learn how to celebrate these days with their full meaning! The Lord has given us the opportunity of celebrating His awesome work of salvation now. He started this work in the beginning. He has made a way for us to understand His plan today. Find out how this plan will unfold and the part we will all play in it!

Holy Time With God - $ 9.00

God makes time to be with you on an intimate personal basis every seventh day of the week. God created the Sabbath on the seventh day of the creation week. It is sanctified for both you and he to enter into an intense relationship together. He has commanded us to keep it holy for that relationship. Sabbath observance has marked the true people of God from the creation until today. Learn about the Sabbath day. Learn how to enter into the rest of God by observing the Sabbath. Learn how to please the Living God by coming to Him on the seventh day Sabbath.

How To Unlock God's Love - $ 12.00

Learn about love from the perspective of the Holy Hebrew bible. Learn how to apply God heart to your life. Learn how to open up God love within your own heart. Learn how to use the Love of God to love others in your family, your church and your community. Learn how to rekindle that red-hot love affair with your spouse in true holiness.

Identity and Destiny Revealed: The United States and British Peoples - $ 14.00

In prophecy, God mentions smaller nations such as Libya. He mentions larger ones like Egypt, Russia, and even China. What about the United States of America and the British Commonwealth of Nations? Are they mentioned in prophecy? These peoples have been the most influential countries of the last days. We have helped end two world wars, opposed communism, provided a safe world for economic success, and help spread the gospel more than any other nations. God has blessed us tremendously, but we have turned completely away from Him. What will happen to our precious nations? This work will help you understand the identity and destiny of the United States and British peoples!

Make a Donation to Hungry Hearts Ministries - $ 25.00

Enter your donation amount and donate online today. Your donation will help reach the world with the hope of Jesus Christ.

Opening the Windows of Heaven: A Book on Tithing and Giving of the Holy Spirit - $ 12.00

As Christians, we tend to have a mindset of poverty. Too many times, we equate poverty with holiness or piety. We think that money is evil and we should avoid having any of it. This is not the Biblical view of money! In Ecclesiastes 10:19, Solomon said that money is the answer for everything. A lot of our problems would be solved if we had more money. God wants us to have money. He wants us to have so much wealth we do not know how to handle it. He just wants us to acquire it His way. When we are able to honor God with our giving, then we will live the blessed life.

Restoring Spiritual Vision: A Guide to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - $ 12.00

There has always been a Holy Fire burning in the hearts of God Holy people. It has subdued nations, prophesied world events, and saved lives. It has burned down through the ages to our present time. It gave men like Abraham the desire to leave his family and travel where God led him. It gave Moses the strength to lead God people. This fire is called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and it will quench the deepest longings of every human. This fire will produce spiritual fruit and activate spiritual gifts in our lives. It will set us apart to God Almighty. This fire is still available to you and I today if we will simply receive it. Learn about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how it will change your life!

Rise and shine Like the Stars - $ 9.00

Jesus Christ has placed spiritual star power within the heart of every Believer. Learn how to make use of this power from God to overcome sin, live a more fulfilling life and worship Jesus more intensely. Learn how to open up Spiritual power in your life. Learn how to love your trials as they refine your soul. Learn the true heavenly wealth of the treasure you hold within your body of clay.

Teshuvah: The Season of Repentance - $ 9.00

Come learn about the Jewish season of Teshuvah applied to the life of a Spirit filled Believer in Jesus Christ. Learn how to have a closer walk with your Savior. Learn how to come to God, repent of your sins and receive a higher calling in Christ. Learn about the importance of the fall Holy Days to modern day Believers. Learn how to access the secret power of God by observing those days. Learn how to recognize the voice of God to guide your daily life. Learn how to use the season of Teshuvah to build your health, increase your wealth and grow spiritually.

The Key to God Heart - $ 12.00

Human kind was created to have a living relationship with their Creator. Worship is the key to having that relationship. Learn how to worship God acceptably. Learn how to access the heavenly realms through worship. Learn how to love your God in both Spirit and Truth. Learn the process of three phase worship. Learn how to use the key to God heart.

What Comes Next - $ 12.00

This is a book about Bible Prophecy. I go into detail concerning the eastof Revelation, the prospects for the church of God, and several of the major nations on earth. At this writing the prospects for the USA are dire. We are building the debt from which there can be no return. We are cutting our military strength at a time when the other major powers are arming to their teeth. Conditions in Europe are bringing the EU into a position to challenge US supremacy. Germany is the driving power in Europe.


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