Church Leadership

Pastor Bill Shults

Elder Bill Shults was saved in 1986 in the World Wide Church of God. The Truth of God was taught there including the return to the Torah of God. In many ways the old World Wide Church of God sparked a revolution back to the Christianity of the Bible. The World Wide Church of God also taught the missing keys to understand end-time prophetic events. Later, he helped to start the Jackson Congregation of the United Church of God. 

On the Day of Atonement in 1996, Bill was ordained a Deacon in the United Church of God. He went independent in 2001 and started the Fifth Sabbath in West Tennessee, an outreach of the various Sabbath observant groups. In 2002 he was ordained an Elder and as a result of that ordination, he started Hungry Hearts Ministries (HHM) to promote Torah observance and Holy Spirit Baptism. He directs Hungry Hearts Ministries with seven churches in the USA, Owner and Writer for HHM Pursuit Magazine, HHM Feast of Tabernacles and Passover Celebrations, and Missions Overseas. He has written eleven books on how to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Books that will help every Believer to a more rewarding life as a Christian. 

Jackson, TN Congregation Leadership

Murfreesboro, TN Congregation Leadership

Corinth, MS Congregation Leadership